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How can Hypnosis by Powermind benefit your business?
By offering coaching by self hypnosis, Powermind can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and loss of revenue caused by absence and reduced productivity. Powermind is also a useful tool for promoting health and increased quality of life for the company’s employees.
Focus at work
We offer Hypnosis through pre-recorded audio. At Powermind, you can also find a wide range of themes for personal development within job & carreer, for example:

- Leadership coaching
- Sales mind set
- Stress management
- Increase focus at work
- Etc.

We can also produce and tailor new themes to fit you and your business.
Health care through self care
We offer Powermind Business Partnerships to businesses and organisations that want to invest in their employee.

We belive that investing in a tool for well beeing for your business should be a profitable investment. Investing in the well beeing of your employee may increase productivity, while at the same time increased quality of life for your employee.

Want to implement Powermind to your business?
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