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Powermind in BreakIt
When Lovisa Strömsholm went to high school, she was feeling a bit out of place and troubled by low self-esteem. After diligently searching and reading self-help books, she finally found something that helped.

“I found an audio track online with hypnosis, and it made all the difference. It really gave results and now I want to help others", she says to Breakit.

After working for a couple of years in startup Stockholm, including at Fundedbyme, she was ready to start her own project Powermind last year. At the end of July 2020 the app Powermind was launched, first in the Facebook group Heja Livet.

Launching in English November 2022. Sign-up now and boost your mindset!
+ 600 soundtracks with self-hypnosis within a range of themes such as confidence, stress, sleep, relationships and coaching within job & career, studies, sports etc.
New themes released every week, and new features every month.