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Irina Ivanovna Zvyagintseva
Zvyagintseva Irina Ivanovna, certified clinical psychologist, certified hypnologist.

Active member of the following professional associations:
All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Associations
Associations of Clinical Hypnosis Professionals

Author of texts of audio recordings of hypnosis from Powermind, author of articles and materials on various resources of Powermind. Leading consultant-hypnologist of the project in Russia.

Since 2015, he has been conducting sessions of deep psychological therapy with immersion in the unconscious (hypnotherapy), as well as psychological consultations with a therapeutic bias. He is fluent in classical, Ericksonian, medical, non-verbal, regressive hypnosis, which combines with various classical approaches to psychological therapy. Over 10,000 hours of practice.

Leads a private psychological practice in-person in Moscow, as well as online throughout Russia, the CIS, Europe, the USA and Asia with Russian-speaking clients.

She specializes in working with the following queries:
- neuroses, panic attacks, fears / phobias;
- anxiety, OCD, obsessive thoughts, depression;
- psychological trauma of varying severity;
- death of loved ones (including children);
- violence, incest, abuse;
- difficulties in paired relationships;
- loneliness;
- treason, betrayal, divorce;
- addictions (smoking, weight);
- money and financial well-being;
- self-esteem and self-worth;
- resentment, guilt, shame, duty, negative attitudes;
- sexual disharmony, etc.

Currently, in addition to practical work, she is writing a Ph.D. thesis on her approach to hypnotherapy.
Boel Björkenwall
Experienced hypnotist with satisfied clients from all over Sweden. Love fast and lasting results.

Boel is the author of several of the soundtracks at Powermind and the female voice behind the soundtracks in Swedish.

She is, among other things:

- Certified Nutrition Therapist Lecturer
- Authorized Health Advisor with 14 years of experience
- Has been interviewed for TV and newspapers, in Sweden and abroad.
- Specially trained in sugar addiction

Specialist in, among other things, hassle with:

- Self-esteem
- Love relationships, jealousy
- Career assistance
- Get rid of old stress etc.

Boel is passionate about helping people solve their problems.
Sanna Nova Emilia
Sanna has worked with people in personal development for over 20 years. After being extremely helped by hypnosis herself, she chose to further train herself as an hypnosis coach in 2015.

Her goal as a Hypnocoach is to help people free themselves from old destructive imprints and instead choose more positive and life-affirming "programs".

True passionate about hypnosis in the following areas:

- Strengthen your self-confidence, your self-esteem and self-love
- Reduce stress
- Improve your relationships
- Change habits and behaviors
- Increase your motivation and creativity
- Improve your performance
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