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Blogg, Ines Kjelbye
(Reviews translated from original Swedish)

"First of all, I must say that I was very happy that I found the Powermind app.

As previously mentioned, I have tried hypnosis before, but only in one area. Therefore, I am very grateful that I found an app that offers a wide range of hypnosis in many different themes and categories. It ranges from harmony and well-being, stress management, to self-confidence and help with increased focus during exams to job interviews. When I have used the Powermind app, I have mainly worked with well-being - and as I wrote here in the blog in previous posts: I have been very happy in the recent weeks. The purpose of self-hypnosis is to create better conditions for internal communication where you have a better conditions for controling and changing your feelings, thoughts and behaviors. You are simply guided through to create positive changes.
Using this app has become a routine that I love and use every day, and it also gives me a sense of security.

It's so cool to find something that works as well as a tool to get in touch with positive emotions. It makes me feel safer in life in some way, that I know that there is such a support and that it in itself is easily accessible - it requires nothing more than to lie down / sit comfortably in an undisturbed place and just listen and relax.

I think we can all take in many things on an intellectual level: We can understand that we should not stress so much, we can understand that we should have a better self-confidence to be able to achieve what we want. Yet, those thoughts do not go on a deeper level, instead other disbeliefs that are negative dominate. They affect us in terms of how we behave, think and feel. Making this negative power of thought weaker, and instead strengthening the thoughts we really want is so incredibly important. For many, including myself, hypnosis is a great way to do this and to succeed.

Using Powermind's hypnosis track is my new routine and I'm so happy about it. <3" - Ines Kjelbye
Emmy Andersson, @emmysofie
For as long as I can remember, I have had a hard time to calm down in the evenings and I have always tried listening to different audio books in order unwind.


It is an app with self-hypnosis. I use it mainly for sleep but there are lots of different themes. For example: self-confidence, calm parenting, leadership, etc.

After posting this I will try "Daily Boost", try it you too!! 🧘🏼‍♀️
Gabrielle Hjorth, @gabriellehjorth
The mind consists of two independent elements that work together - the conscious and the subconscious mind. Did you know that your subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of your brain's processing power beyond your conscious mind? Which leaves the other 5% for your conscious mind, which is more critical and often judgmental in terms of thinking.

Your subconscious is like a huge computer with cloud storage. Its capacity is virtually unlimited and it permanently stores everything that has ever happened to you.

It also ensures that you respond to the data that has been stored, which becomes your so-called "programming". In other words, if you were involved in something at a young age that made you feel not good enough in any way, then that "program" will continue to run throughout your life, silent in the background. It will effect the decisions you make, completely unconsciously, until you upgrade your programming.

So how do you upgrade your subconscious? Well, you could do that with meditation and hypnosis, among other things. For this, can become a completely revolutionary tool, an app where you can get help to change your subconscious to be able to achieve new results in life.

I recommend listening to the hypnotic audio tracks several times. Repeating something over and over again is a good way of changing the subconscious. has helped me boosting my mornings and wind down. It is definitely worth it!
Jasmine Lindahl, @jasselindaahl
This was something completely new to me when I started testing hypnosis by @powermind, but I feel different in turns of my self-confidence has increased more than it was before & I'm so inspired by the fact that there are several more topics to listen to.

This is something I would highly recommend if you want to focus on yourself for a little while! 🌸
Sara höglund, @sarahoglund_
Powermindapp is an app that offers hypnosis via audiotracks. I, who am always stressed, feel such an incredible calm when I listen to the hypnotic audio tracks 🙌🏼

Right now I'm listening to "Start exercising" because I feel that I have given up on training for a while, but now I feel so much more enthusiastic again😃 There are also lots of other subjects to choose from ——> swipe

It's so cool! 😍
Åsa Johansson, @asajohansson18
I love this app with hypnosis!

Very calming voice and just the right length of the tracks. It is very important that we actually take the time to unwind.

Try it you too!
Emma Wiberg, @hemmasinredning
This weekend I have really given myself a lot of space for recovery, rest and relaxation. I have spent a lot of time listening to different hypnotic audio tracks with, where you get help to calm down, relax & go into hypnosis! It's so cool!

I love things like this but never thought it would be SO easy! 😍

Right now I am listening to self-confidence & how to increase it. It all starts with relaxation and getting deep into your body, to listen and absorb. My God, how damn well this works. I have slept like a log the evenings after I've listened. I also feel like I am being filled with energy 🙌🏻🙏🏻

I have SO much more to listen to, which is really exciting. When I listened to "Daily Boost" & "stop postponing things" I was really charged with actually changing things & getting things done! Go Go! 🙌🏻

I will finish this Sunday with the hypnosis "Good night, Nature" 🤎✨
Sara Glavin, @saraglavin_
I have always been interested in meditation and hypnosis, in how to influence the mind and the inner self, to improve myself and my mood. I have had difficulty with many apps that have been available for this, but not this one.

The relaxation exercises are fantastic, the hypnosis is so pleasant, and the best thing is that all hypnosis is in Swedish!
Cajsa Henricsson, @cajsahenricsson
This weekend I will give myself some time for recovery and rest. I will do this by listening to hypnotic audio tracks by 🥰

There are so many different audio tracks that I just long to listen to, such as "Stop postponing things" and "Daily Boost". You should try it too! 😍
Amanda Nordström, @morotsflugan
I've always had a hard time finding peace in everyday life and I rarely take the time to think about the present or the future. I mostly take the day as it comes! Now I've had the previlidge to try hypnosis by, an app where you can use hypnosis to improve and develop yourself in different areas!

I can really recommend the app! 🌹
Johanna Andersson, @johooanna
What a wonderful day it is today 😍

In collaboration with, I usually listen to the hypnotic track "Motivation & Success". I really get so motivated when I listen to people who cheer you on! 🙏🏽
Helen Ohlsson, @oracleofd
In collaboration with, I have had the opportunity to try the Powermind app, which offers hypnosis via audio tracks and a booking system for private bookings.

I have tried the hypnosis Motivation & Success, Daily Boost and Sport & Exercising, among others, and that is only a fraction of the subjects available - Through Powermind you will be guided to positive changes of your thought and behavior patterns through hypnosis - it's so cool!

Half an hour is all it takes. I really appreciated the combination of relaxation and visualization.
Josefine Nordin, @josefine.nordin
It starts with how you begin. ✨

Something I have worked a lot with lately is to develop a good morning routine. A good morning routine helps you set the tone for the rest of the day, and it's better that you control your schedule than that your schedule controls you. With, I have now had the opportunity to try adding another part to my morning routine: to listen to their hypnosis "Daily Boost" every morning.

It has been perfect to listen to the Daily Boost the first thing I do when I wake up, and I have really felt that it has increased the possibility for making my day the best possible.

The app offers several different subjects and can be tailored to suit you and your goals. ❤
Jessica Tina, @jessicatiina
In collaboration with, I got to try hypnosis via their app. Powermind has pre-recorded audio tracks with hypnosis in different categories for whatever you want to improve in your life. They have everything from exercising, career, stress and sleep. The ones I will focus on right now are stress and improving my sleep.

Try it you too 😍

Good night 🌝🌛
Natalie Salazar, @nataliesc
I just have to recommend the Powermind app! I say this not only because I have a collaboration with them but because I think it is amazing!

I'm always fuzzing and stressing over unnecessary things. Lately I have had such a hard time with my sleep, I have not been able to calm down.

I've always been interested in meditation and hypnosis, and that's exactly what this app is for, to get down to the core.

In the Powermind app, there are lots of different hypnoses to choose from, ranging from relaxation and sellp to coaching before a job interview. How awesome?!
Fanny Sandberg, @balancewithfanny
Let's get ready for a GREAT WEEK🙆🏼‍♀️

I have tried the app Powermind this week and I have to say that it really lives up to its promises👍🏼 👍🏼️

Powermind is an app that offers hypnosis via audio files! You can easily choose what you are interested in, they have everything from self care to personal development🤗 ❤️
Liah, @liahthestar
Since I have ADHD, I have a really hard time winding down in the evenings. There is always something that needs to be fixed, and falling asleep can take a long time.

But since I started listening to it is so much easier. I've started listening to Powermind's hypnotic audiotrack Relaxation. Just ask my partner @ rikard.777, he is so grateful that I'm not running around in the evenings/nights anymore 😂🙏🏽
Robyn Ekholm, @robynekholm
In collaboration with I have had the honor of trying their app! Powermind is an app where you can listen to different hypnotic audio tracks that may help you feel better in everyday life and to sleep better!

I have not used the app for that long, but I can already say that so far I have slept very well all this week. I intend to continue using the app to see what difference it can make.

I also encourage you to try!
Matilda Knutsmark, @matildaknutsmark
I've had a period where I've had difficulty falling asleep in the evenings. But now I've tested the Powermind app, and I fall asleep so much easier ❤️ there are different hypnotic audiotracks depending on what you need, it's perfect! 👌
Felicia Törn, @starkarejag_
Mindfulness, meditation, self-hypnosis is something I want to get better at 🙏🏽 I feel so good when I do it and I know that it is the last part of my puzzle for personal well-being.

With the help of I can get guided self-hypnosis 🥰 You can also book private sessions with therapists and hypnotists 👏🏽
Pia Widberg, @villastensund
When autumn comes and the everyday stress sets in with full force, it is important to get the time to recover. I myself have a hard time getting that recovery, but I have found different ways of letting go of everything for a little while 🧘‍♀️.

In collaboration with, I have tried hypnosis via audio tracks and it is absolutely fantastic how nice it is to shut out the outside world for a while. They have guidance in everything from relieving stress to leadership coaching. You can also book private sessions with therapists and hypnotists via the app.

What would you like to improve?
Therese Hellgren, @hellgrenskan
I've got the opportunity to try hypnosis at Yesterday I tried to listen to a sleeping hypnosis, and since I fell asleep I could not upload the pictures yesterday 😂🤷🏼‍♀️!

There are also several tracks for personal development that I look forward to listening to!
Solin Sadik, @solinaslan_
As most of my friends know, I think it is very important with personal development and hypnosis as the mind consists to 95% of the unconscious mind and only 5% of the conscious.

In the stressful society in which we live today, we can easily lose focus on what is important, on what we actually like to do and on the things that make us feel really good, as society is filled with all the needs that has to be done.

Powermind is the perfect app for relaxation just when you need it. The app contains a whole plan for personal development within subjects such as Self-Confidence, Motivation & Success and Social skills such as Smart Communication & Conflict Management and How to handle Criticism. It also offers a whole plan for Sports and Training, Dating, Job and Career, and more.

I think everyone should spend some time on personal development in their everyday life. Because you yourself are most important, because if you do not love yourself, you can not love anyone else. If you do not take care of yourself, then you can not take care of anyone else. Self-love is respect.
Sandra Bremberg, @vanligamamman
Being a relaxed mother is really not common for me, but in collaboration with I am now a good way down that road🙏

Every night after the children are put to bed and the dishes are made I end up in this armchair 👆🏻, and now with the fantastic audio tracks by Powermind for personal development in my ears.

Each track begins with relaxation and then goes into a self-hypnosis in the area you have chosen. You can choose personal development in everything from career and training to self love and self-confidence. I have chosen to work with my inner stress👌

I can highly recommend if you, just like me, need to find a little peace and quiet in everyday life while at the same time get the keys to your personal development💕
Tina Söderlund, @beaunicornasme
I have tried the Powermind app for weeks and I think it is awesome! It has made me sleep better and I urge everyone with sleeping problems to test the app! They also have many more hypnotic audio tracks about exercising, calm parenting and cleaning and much more.

Thank you for giving me the chance to try this, I will continue listening to the Powermind hypnoses 🥰
Emelie Magnusson, @healthbyemelie
In collaboration with, I got to try their incredible app! I have been listening to their hypnoses just about every night to help my body, and my head, relax more and to get better sleep. This is perfect!
Emma Tholarp,
Are you often stressed or tired due to negative thoughts and high demands on yourself? Then I really recommend!
Sophie Edström, @sophiekristineylvalie
In collaboration with Powermind, I got to try their hypnosis app for personal development. I often procrastinate and postpone things, and therefore I tried their hypnosis for stop postponing things. SO cozy to just cuddle down in the couch and relax ☺️
Joanna Wozniak, @kittieinwonderland
I believe in hypnosis, I believe in meditation. I just love listening to I listen to it at the beginning of the week (like today) to get ready for new adventures. Or to fall asleep - i fall asleep immediately!! Its like magic... But its not for everyone... I tried ti make my sambo listen with me and he can't relax 😂 Im glad I can as its super helpful in busy life.
Emelie Solin, @homebyemelie
I always get problems with my sleep when autumn comes, so when I got the chance to try the new app with hypnosis I could not wait to try it.

I have fallen asleep like a log the last few nights which is pure magic, and I have so much more energy. I am simply a happier mother.
Melina Campos, @meliinaaacampos
In collaboration with, I got to try this awesome app. Powermind is an app that offers hypnosis via hypnotic audio tracks and a booking system for private sessions with therapists and hypnotists.

They offer guided hypnosis in various categories such as career, personal development, sports, dating, as well as reduced stress and better sleep.

I usually listen to the categories reduced stress and better sleep and it has helped me a lot. I really recommend you from the bottom of my heart to try this app!
Sara Nyman Bernhardsson
This app has done wonders for me! I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but thanks to hypnosis, my life has changed so drastically in just a few weeks!

Less than two weeks ago, I was stuck in Vadstena and did not really know what to do with my life after my seasonal job ended. So I took my belongings and went to Gothenburg. Once here, I got to live with my parents and little sister (after 6 years of living by myself).

I have now started a new job in an area where I have never worked in before: I now work as a salesman. I have a fantastic team and in just three days I have made 5 sales! And as icing on the cake, I now have got my own apartment here in Gothenburg. I swear that all this could not have happened without constantly motivating myself with the help of hypnosis from this app. So if you're tired of things not going the way you want, download this app and change your life just like I did. Because everything has to do with your mindset, whether it is that you want to be more ambitious and successful by hypnosis or just to alleviate your anxiety with meditation, this app is just right for you.

Many thanks to for this fantastic collaboration, I am eternally grateful! ❤️
Emelie Didriksson, @emeliedidriksson
In collaboration with @, I have tried hypnosis via their hypnotic audio tracks 🌟 There is also a booking system for private sessions with therapists & hypnotists! 😍 I've listened to two tracks so far & it's incredible how well it works 😅
Pernilla Ekström, @ekstrompernilla
I have never tried any form of meditation or hypnosis before and was actually surprised at how relaxing it really is.

I tried the track good night before I went to sleep. I have a very hard time winding down before I go to sleep. So I'm now using Powermind for a while to see if it can get better.
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